Jennifer offers her eagle's eye when it comes to On Set Consulting! She brings noted clarity for a visually artistic and realistic shot, just perfect for your commercial, tv, or film project. Would you like your filming dates to run more smoothly and efficiently, saving you time and money? Jennifer helps with musician set up and fulfills clients' needs by providing real, talented, professional musicians! The details make a difference!

Please see Comments from Casting Directors on the Casting Director's Page.

This is just a small orchestral photo (above). Visualize this same ensemble on the big screen! Jennifer's on set consulting would clean up the noticeable errors, such as:

• 'The string bass players do not look uniform; the Principal Bassist (1st chair) is sitting, while the others stand. While this is fine during rehearsal and live performance, it looks sloppy on screen!'

• 'The Principal Cellist (1st chair) is adjusting her music on the stand in the shot. This looks unprofessional on camera.'

• 'There is a piano, but no pianist sitting there. It shows that someone is missing from this shot.'

• 'There is a music stand to the right of the piano which has no purpose in this shot. It looks sloppy and should be removed.'

• 'The chairs and extra equipment behind the percussionists needs to be removed. During a live rehearsal or performance these chairs are necessary for the percussionists to sit on between parts of the program, but in the shot, it just looks cluttered.'

• 'The woman in the front row of musicians is wearing a short dress which is inappropriate for a concert performance. It doesn't match the other musicians' attire so it stands out on camera.'

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